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comedy card in balloon

Comedy Card in Balloon


The magician first blows up three balloons and secures them to his table. He then asks for the help of a volunteer. This volunteer then selects a card from a jumbo deck of cards, the card is noted and lost in the deck. Now the fun begins. The volunteer is given a gun and told to shoot the balloon of their choice and the chosen card will be in its place. However, the first balloon immediately starts to slowly deflate leaving only two balloons.

"Oh well, we'll use only two balloons" states the performer. The volunteer takes aim at the two remaining balloons. But, just before they shoot, the second balloon flies off the table.

The crowd roars with delight. Your volunteer takes careful aim at the one remaining balloon, fires the gun and the chrome strip on front of the table falls off and is left dangling.

Your volunteer is instructed to aim just a little bit higher next time. When they shoot, the box of cards flies off the table.

You allow your volunteer to take one more shot at the remaining balloon. They take aim and actually hit the balloon this time and a card appears in its place.

Unfortunately it is the wrong card. The magician now takes the gun and shoots at the card. The wrong card then splits in half and both halves fly in the air in different directions! The correct card is now in it's place.

Comedy Card in Balloon Features:

  • Adjustable sound control
  • Remote included
  • Case is 6" x 9" x 29"
  • Only 30 lb

Comedy Card in Balloon Price: $1850

Call 216-798-6001 to place an order
or for more information